What if a person hits you but doesn’t have car insurance?

If you are hit whether you are inside a vehicle or you are a pedestrian by a driver in an uninsured vehicle then you can be sure that the driver will be penalized for it. However even though the driver is penalized or not your problem still remains the same, the driver is not insured and so you have no way of knowing if the driver is capable of compensating you for the injuries you have sustained.What happens when the other driver doesn't have insurance?

In case the driver is has the financial resources to pay you AND is responsible enough to do so without having to be forced to then you’re one lucky victim. However if you are unlucky enough to be a victim of a hit and run accident and you were unable to trace the identity of the driver then you have no choice but to pay all your medical bills. Another scenario is that the driver is caught but won’t admit to any responsibility and won’t cough up any personal money. In this case you’ll be forced to pursue the driver through legal means which can be costly and in the end might not be worth it especially if the damages you sustained are not that extensive or serious. This also means that on top of the medical bills you’ll get saddled with legal bills as well — a very bleak prospect indeed. And last is the most pitiable scenario wherein the driver is responsible and owes up to his responsibility but is simply financially incapable of compensating you. If you have a heart you not only end up with physical injuries but end up feeling sorry for the driver and in quite a twist as you try to solve your financial problems without bringing the other party to ruin.

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To avoid any of the scenarios above you can simply make sure you that you are protected or covered for accidents involving uninsured motorists. You can do this by simply getting an uninsured motorist insurance policy. This type of policy simply covers you in case you get in an accident, whether as driver too or as a pedestrian, that is caused by the negligence of an uninsured driver. This insurance policy will pay for you medical bills arising from treatment of your injuries, the cost to repair your damaged car, and even your approximate wage loss as a result of the accident.

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