Does each driver need car insurance or just each car?

The answer to this question will be given in two parts.

First you do need to insure each and every vehicle you own. The law requires that a vehicle be insured before you can register it so that without an insurance policy your car can’t be registered. If your car isn’t registered then you shouldn’t be using it to go anywhere. The only vehicles exempted are those that are decommissioned or those that you don’t plan on using for quite a while. You can not take an insurance policy for that car but remember that you can’t register that car either nor drive it. Before you put that vehicle to use again you’ll need to get a policy for that car and register it.

Second each driver that shares the same address as you needs to be included or declared in the car insurance policy. This includes your spouse, children, any extended family member, a friend or even an employee as long as they live with you. Note that they are to be listed in your insurance policy but they don’t have to file a separate car insurance policy of their own. You can opt to exclude any of your children or family member as long as you make sure that person NEVER uses the car. It won’t make sense to include a spouse who doesn’t know how to drive as a driver anyway. On the other hand it makes perfect sense to include a teenage child in the car insurance policy even if you’d rather not let them drive because they might end up driving the car one of these days anyway and get in an accident. If that happens and your child is not named in the car insurance policy it will result to complications in getting you claims.

Friends or family members that do not share your address need not be named in your car insurance policy. The person driving your vehicle will be covered by your car insurance as long as the person had express consent from you to drive your car. If the person has no car insurance of his own it should be no problem as long as the damages sustained are covered by your policy. If the damages are over what your policy covers then you won’t be compensated for the additional expenses. However, if the person driving your car has his own insurance policy then even if your policy is not adequate his insurance policy will cover the remaining cost.

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