Car Insurance Guru is your guide to the basics of car insurance. The concept behind this site is to answer common questions that common folk have when they are exploring the confusing and overwhelming world of car insurance. We start with the basics and try to give you the information you need to be a smart shopper and to avoid being taken advantage of by car insurance salesman.

As you probably know, in the United States, any car that is one the road must be insured; it’s required by law. Having said that, each state has its own particular rules and minimum requirements. If you live in a rural state, chances are that your car insurance is less complicated than if you live near a metropolitan city like Philadelphia, Los Angeles or New York.

Often times, the minimum requirements for car insurance are quite low and it is recommended that you upgrade your coverage to protect your assets. If you own a home, you should probably have a higher level of coverage, than if you just rent.

Coverage on car insurance covers a variety of things like your car, the other person’s car, your medical bills, other people’s medical bills. Often times, you are only required to get coverage to protect the value of your car. However, this makes you particularly vulnerable to getting sued in the case that you are responsible for injuring another person. Also, if you need medical attention, there are some states in which the minimum car insurance won’t help you out.

The important thing is that you know your options and consider them carefully. Plan for what you need before talking to a salesman, and don’t get talked into getting more coverage than you really need. Also be aware of the many ways that you can get discounts on car insurance, and the importance of shopping around. Doing so could save you hundreds of dollars each year. The Guru Guide to Car Insurance is intended to give you some basic information to better enable you to make wise choices. We hope that you find this information useful.