Does car insurance cover you even if you are responsible for the accident?

Not always. Surprised? Most car insurance policies actually do not cover you whether you are responsible for the accident or not.Prolonged Recovery from a Car Accident

The kind of insurance policy required in all states is the Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability car insurance. Both car insurance policies are meant to cover the expenses you will need to pay for other people’s injuries or death or any damage to their property in case you get in an accident and are at fault. However, if you do get in an accident and you are the one who gets hurt whether it is your fault or not, these two car insurance policies will not cover any of your expenses. Both of the policies are simply to protect you against expenses and lawsuits filed by the other party due to an accident that you are responsible for. In case this is the kind of policy you have and you do get in an accident you can rest assured that your insurance company will take care of the details for you and represent you in case a lawsuit is filed.

The problem is if you are injured or hurt and the accident is your fault. If it was the other party’s fault then there would be no problem since his insurance will cover your medical expenses and compensate you for any damage in your property. But if the accident was your fault you can be sure that you won’t get anything from either the other party’s insurance company or your own. To cover yourself for such an eventuality you should get a First Party Benefits or First Party Benefits-Medical as part of your insurance policy. This type of insurance coverage is required only in a few states so that many neglect to get this coverage. The First Party Benefits-Medical is meant to cover you, the policy holder, in case of an accident regardless of whose fault it is so that you won’t have to worry about your medical expenses. Unless your car insurance policy includes this kind of coverage you are not covered for accidents that you are responsible for.

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Before taking a First Party Benefits-Medical insurance policy it would however be a good ides for you to examine your medical insurance policy if you already have one since it might already cover you for car accidents regardless of who’s at fault. If you are already covered then there’s no sense spending extra on something redundant but if you’re not make sure you get First Party Benefits-Medical as part of your car insurance policy.

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