Should I beware of car insurance salesman?

We have to admit it, all kinds of salesmen have gotten a bad rap. It may not be fair to generalize, but we have this instinct that seems to tell us to beware of salesmen – life insurance, car insurance, and car salesmen. However, we must also bear in mind that they are not all out to get us. Of course, they are aiming to make a profit for themselves – who isn’t? The best course for a buyer to take would be to exercise caution and know what you want. That way, you wouldn’t be conned into getting add ons that you didn’t want in the first place.


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It all comes back to doing your research. In the case of car insurance, make sure that you know very well the type of insurance that will be the best for your car and your needs. Case in point – extended warranties. This is usually for new cars. Beware of the salesman who pushes you to take the extended warranty. It may seem to be an attractive package but think hard on it. Do you really need an extended warranty? Is the price worth the chances of having your car break down in the future? Are you planning to sell your car in, say, 2 years? If so, then maybe the warranty is not worth it. Read the fine print as well. You may not be getting the best deal out of the extended warranty with its fine print.

As with many other things, be very wary of a car insurance salesman who gives you a lot of promises but does not put them in writing. Oral promises are not worth anything. You need to have everything in black and white if you wish to have them fulfilled. If the salesman balks at having things written down, then go find someone else.

Last, trust your instincts. At the end of the day, it is really up to you to make the decision. You deal with the car insurance salesman face to face. You can see and observe his facial and body expressions. You are the one who can most likely spot a scammer. If you are in doubt, get a second opinion. Ask other people – friends or family members – to help you out. It may mean that your car insurance shopping will take a little bit more time but then it could also mean that you would save up on premiums later down the road. Of course, that is worth all the hassle.