When you acquire comprehensive auto insurance, one of the decisions you need to make is the amount of a deductible.

The majority of the people always think about how to lower car insurance deductible. In most cases you can just do it online at the website of a company where you are insured. Just make necessary changes to your insurance policy online.

If now you are in search of suitable car insurance policy, compare the deductible from many insurance companies. Preliminary search helps you find the best variant. Pay attention to the amount of the deductible.

But what is a deductible?

What is an Auto Insurance Deductible? How Does it Work? We Explain it

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The car insurance deductible is the amount of money which you must pay in a case of an accident that you cause. For example if your damage in the accident equals 3000 dollars and your deductible equals 500 dollars, you pay for the repair only 500 dollars. Your insurance company must pay the remainder. Remember that an insurance company installs the premium according to the amount of your deductible. If a deductible is high, a premium is cheap. In other words the deductible represents a shared risk between the insurer and insured.

Actually it means that you take more responsibility for an accident expenses.

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That’s why you should think over it to understand well if a lower car insurance deductible is profitable for you. Almost every insurance company will tell you that it is not profitable to lower a deductible. But if you do not have a possibility to pay much money for a premium, lowering of a deductible is a good idea. On the one hand in this case you pay less monthly. On the other hand you pay more over time. For some people it is a perfect way. For others it is not. So you should decide yourself taking into account your possibility to pay for a deductible. Try this payment doesn’t break your budget. You should estimate your income, your household budget, your available credit and personal savings.

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In a case of lower deductible if you have an accident you will not pay more than monthly premium. But if you have too many accident especially those you cause yourself, your car insurance premiums can get out of hand. In this case you will lose more money.

The amount of a deductible depends on the car insurance company proposals. In general a company offers two or three options. Remember that too expensive deductible is not profitable financially.

The knowledge about deductible is very useful to define comprehensive coverage at the best price.

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