25 Funniest Car Pranks

The inventors of the car could not even imagine, in what funny situations their invention can find itself in current life. It is very absorbing to watch some modern drivers.

Toyota of Dallas on Twitter: "Need a good prank to pull on your ...

Car pranks are not often seen on the roads, but when you manage to watch them, the laughter breaks through any mood. Find below 25 funniest car pranks. Just watch them and let some of their participants give thanks to God for insurance protection.

Initially, the prank is a telephone harassment, a call for fun. People, who practice the prank, are called prankers. However, as you see, the car pranks have appeared recently.

  1. This hilarious clamp band. Watch this rather simple piece. A clamp band was attached to one of the drive shafts. It flaps against the vehicle body. The sound, which is produced in view of this, is enough to frighten your friend and make him think he is going to stay without a center shaft.
  2. Original musical instrument. Just watch it. A toot is attached to the tailpipe. The produced sound has many varieties. One can also watch variants with the use of a yelper, an onion flute, a mouth harp or even a vuvuzela (as you can watch here). To do the same, one just need a device, which produces sounds with the help of air.
  3. Dry basin on wheels. Of course, to create a dry basin inside your vehicle is less dangerous than to fill it with many live ferrets. In case of a dry basin inside, you may not be arrested or given a ticket. It is also less expensive. Thus, we advise you not to roll with a skylight or colored glasses.
  4. Scream with rapture. This piece demonstrates one of the best ways to get a perfect auditory startle reflex, using a vehicle. It is also an outdated manner to intimidate your neighbors.
  5. Post-it design. Now you can watch the simplest and cheapest way of auto customizing. You need only post-its of different colors. Just combine them in the way you like and the tuning of your car is completed. To remove it, you may need several recycle bins.
  6. Lost and found on the roof of your vehicle. There is nothing special here. It happens that people leave something on the roof of their cars. It looks strange and funny. Just avoid leaving some heavy objects on the roof of your vehicle, especially if you drive on the highway.
  7. One more use of yours or another person vehicle tailpipe. Just pull something on the tailpipe of the car. The reverse pressure of the exhaustion will switch off the engine. However, there is no reason to bother. It will kick in before you or anyone else get near the road. It won`t be visible at once from inside the vehicle, but will become noticeable outside the car.
  8. Snowbound. A strong snowfall has happened somewhere.
  9. Protection will not hurt. Some people do not think that it is strange and funny to wrap their car in film wrapper. Why not to use newspaper for the same purpose? It is time to try.
  10. One more usage for the Scotch tape. The inventor of the tape could not assume all the possible variants of its usage. Here is one of them.
  11. Holding sticky tape. It is not shown here. However, the guys from the well- known TV show proved, that sticky tape can hold a vehicle in sight.
  12. Unusual klaxon. Here are interesting solutions for your car klaxon. You can install a train or a boat klaxon in your vehicle. However, be ready that pedestrians will be really frightened.
  13. Connects can build a real stuff. Just watch the way how you can impress your boss, making a car from connects for him or her. It is amazing!
  14. Is it a flat note? Watch and realize, why people do not fall hook, line and sinker for this.
  15. Is this animal really dumb? Of course, the same compilation can be made at home. Just take a taxidermied deer and a servo moto. And there is no need to go to Hollywood.
  16. Sudden Stop. Just watch, what happens, when you have to act as a gearslammer at a stop. Your passengers can scream like girls.
  17. Empty Bottle. Be aware: if you place an empty bottle under a tire. It surely can break and the producing sound will be like a tire blowout.
  18. Where is my car? Do not change the parking lot of somebody`s car. Even to play somebody up. If you did, do not forget to tell him or her the location of the new parking lot.
  19. Slam a klaxon try. It is the compilation for people advanced in technical stuff. You can hook up a klaxon to the brake lights. It is perfect, if one of your friends likes to slam klaxons just for fun. There are two benefits: it teaches him a perfect lesson and you get some fun.
  20. Jealous Dukes. Here is a curious compilation. The system of the type really exists. Moreover, this kind of systems is necessary for electric vehicles as a warning one for pedestrians.
  21. Disservice. Just help your friend to keep all his stuff safe. To do this, just open all the vehicle doors and take all his belongings out of the car. Be sure: you are a good friend!
  22. Only love! Love is a great feeling. The more people know about your love, the greater the feeling is.
  23. Nasty surprise. Of course, you can play with your GPS. However, be aware that there are GPS systems, which install automatically voices, for which you will have to pay.
  24. Look for a new friend! The main character should better find a new friend. The old one is spoilt!
  25. A- smoke. Use a smoke pellet if it is your last chance.
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