Is Car Insurance Available for Those with a Learner’s Permit?

The short answer to this question is “yes”. However there are many details involved: in fact, insuring a novice driver who has just a learner’s permit is completely different from insuring a fully licensed driver. Let’s discuss this difference and – in addition to it – the ways to save money.

Insuring someone with a learner’s permit

According to Graduated Driver’s Licensing system, working in most U.S. states, novice drivers go through three stages. First they get learner’s permit (very strict restrictions), then change it for intermediate license and, at last, become proud owners of a full license.

Typically new drivers are protected by the auto policy covering the vehicle, or vehicles, in which they are learning to drive.

For instance, if a teen girl is learning to drive in her mother’s car, she is protected by the family insurance policy. And if a boy operates his uncle’s vehicle, then he is protected by his uncle’s auto policy. If a permit holder drives together with someone who is fully licensed and is elder than 20, he is protected by the car owner’s insurance.

That is a general rule, existing in most states.

Transition to an official license

And what do you do when you get an official license instead of you learner’s permit? In this situation you, of course, still need an insurance policy. But it doesn’t mean you have to buy a separate one and pay the full price! Experts agree that the smartest way to get coverage for a person with an official license is as follows: one of the parents – mother of father – just lists him or her on the family auto policy. How does this decision allow you to save money? Typically, in this case you get all those discounts for which your parents are qualified (and these discounts are numerous, as parents are established drivers).

However a novice driver can also buy a standalone auto policy. In this case premiums may be considerably higher. Don’t get frustrated by this – there are still several ways of keeping your payments manageable.

Money saving tip #1: drive responsibly

Sounds obvious? It is, however, the best and the easiest way for a novice drive to pay less (and to stay safe which is a great bonus). An average U.S. motorist has an accident every 10 years (including both major and minor accidents), while teens get into trouble much more often. So it’s hardly a surprise that teens are considered really risky drivers – one of the reasons insurance companies set higher premiums for them.

However if a person respects the rules, keeps to standard speed limits, maintains reasonable distance between vehicles, follows all traffic lights and signs, his or her driving record will probably stay clean. And that will allow to save in auto insurance premiums in the long run.

Money saving tip #2: Choose the right car

Your insurance payments depend on the make and model of your car.

There aren’t many ways to significantly reduce the cost of insurance policy other than clean driving record and your choice of automobile. Of course when counting the size of premiums your insurer also takes into consideration some other factors like demographical data and location. But you can’t change your demographic and surely are not going to change residence just to keep your premiums low. So the easiest way to affect the cost of your auto insurance is to purchase the right car and drive right.

Sports cars may make your colleagues envious but are expensive to insure. This makes perfect sense as sports automobiles typically go faster and thus driving them is more risky. Repair costs are also higher – another reason for your insurance provider to raise his rates.

Premiums are much lower in case you make more reasonable choice, like a reliable sedan. This doesn’t mean you won’t buy something flashy later!

Money saving tip #3: Drive Soberly

Another copy-book maxim?

And still have you ever thought why so many people are caught driving while intoxicated? Of course, we all know that all those stories aren’t about us: they are about those people who aren’t as smart as we are… However if you’re looking for the easiest way to destroy your driving record – then here it is: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Money saving tip #4: Study hard

No, it’s not a joke. Good grades have a profound effect on your premiums. This point varies from provider to provider, but in some cases they can allow you to save more than 10% on the yearly premium. This makes perfect sense: if a person is responsible at school, he is more likely to stay responsible while driving.

Money saving tip #5: Shop around

Of course, looking for the best rates for new drivers can be time-consuming. Luckily enough, there are a lot of online recourses that can help you to make a careful insurance comparison. Situation on insurance market changes very quickly, so some experts advice comparing quotes every six moths.