When relatives visit you and take their driving licenses with them, you may think whether you can insure your relatives on your car to make sure they can drive it with no worries.

You can of course lend your car to your relatives. But before doing this, you must ensure that your relatives are covered with your auto insurance. And if you fail to do so, you will then have to pay much more in case of an accident.

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Getting insurance for your relatives is simple

The first step to get car insurance for international drivers for your relatives is to contact your current insurer and ask the insurer to add your relatives to the list of those who are insured to drive your auto. However, you will also need to get a price quote as usually insurers will ask you to pay more in order to cover people who are not familiar with the U.S. roads. How much you will have to pay depends on a particular company. If you are looking for an opportunity to save on this, you may need to choose between policies.

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Cases when you should not to lend your car to relatives

Even though your relatives qualify for car insurance for international drivers, there are cases when it is better to refrain from lending them your car or insuring them to drive it.

If your insurer considers you as a driver of high risk, you should refrain from adding someone else to your coverage insurance list because in this way you will end up spending much more money. There are also insurers that will simply reject someone else.

You should also determine what details of driving record of your relative are. Your relative who has car insurance for international drivers should have absolutely clean driving record. And if he had accidents or violated traffic code, you should consider refraining from lending him your car.

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And if you see that lending him your auto and covering him after this appears to be too expensive for you, consider the idea of renting a car for him. Sometimes it will become the best solution for both you and your relative.

Finding best prices

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If you see that your insurer is asking for too much money for adding your relative into insurance list, you may want to consider looking for more affordable quotes for car insurance. Such situations often occur when you didn’t pay much attention to the price changes in the market. If your company adds high costs for adding relatives in your insurance, you may need to consider changing the insurer.

There are various sources where you can get quotes and compare them. Don’t forget to pay attention to coverage types, deductibles and any limits existing. If you see a company that offers prices which are substantially lower than the prices of others, check it carefully to understand the reason. To make the best possible decisions make sure you are comparing everything properly.

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After your choice narrows to only several options, you have to consider the companies you have chosen in more detail. For example, you can check how different rating groups like Moody’s or A.M. Best assess the companies. This is a way how you can make sure that the company you are choosing is stable in terms of finances.

Those companies that have the rating B or higher should be chosen. Besides, the number of complaints the company gets is an important factor to consider as well. Look for the department of insurance in your state in order to get such information. And you also can search the web by the name of the company to find these complaints.

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