Downscale Drivers in the USA

Worst Drivers By State In case you travel much at the wheel, you have a possibility to learn, where one can meet the downscale drivers of the US. Obviously, you have some cases about such drivers to share. For instance, you suffered from a risky driver. Or some of your acquaintances did.

Study confirms that yes, you are surrounded by the worst drivers ...

Find below the fresh stats about the worst drivers by state. Consequently, you should have a question: “Where one can find the worst drivers from the USA?”

Is the state, where you live, also the home for downscale drivers? The indicated information can astonish you or just prove the information you had before. Everything exposed in the article can unveil some possible situations with your car insurance premiums (for further information refer to

Please note: the mentioned data are hinged on fatal crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been compiling this type of information from the 1975. Moreover, the situation of the roads has decreased 67% since that time. Of course, there were some improvements as well.


The top list for this article is based on easy for access stats from the NHTSA.

Each state is classified in accordance with the categories below:

  • Collision rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
  • Disobedience (% of fatal crashes, which included Traffic Signals, Not Fastening of a Seat Belt, and Driving with an Invalid Driver`s License)
  • Driving under the influence (% of Fatal Crashes involving Alcohol)
  • Overrun (% of Driving Fatalities due to the overrun)
  • Reckless driving (Fatalities with Pedestrians and Bike Riders per 100 000 of Population)

The entire information was transformed into the bottom-line figure. Thus, the worst states got the lowest grade.

For instance, Florida is the state with the worst rating for Reckless driving. Thus, it got 1 point in the indicated category. While North Dakota, which is the state with the lowest percentage, got 51 points. The low score shows the worse classification.

The First Worst Drivers` top 10 ratings

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№10 – Mississippi

Best Factor for classification: Overrun: 46th
Worst Factor for classification: Collision Rate per 100 Million Miles Traveled: 3rd

Not long ago, the state took the 23d place. It means, Mississippi drivers made a big step back in their driving habits. Mississippi is classified the 13th worst in Disobedience (it took the 20th place before) and Reckless Driving (it was the 17th place before).

Improvements are required!

№9 – Delaware

Best Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 28th
Worst Factor for classification: Reckless Driving: 2nd

The Delaware state made a big step forward. For the moment it belongs just to the 10 worst states. It occupied the first place before (now it belongs to the state Florida). It means, that its drivers refined their results.

№8 – North Dakota

Best Factor for classification: Reckless Driving: 51st
Worst Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 1st

Not long ago, North Dakota belonged to the top five worst states in 3 categories: Collision Rate, Disobedience and Driving under the influence. For the moment, North Dakota impresses by the scores of 6, 20 and 1 in the similar categories.

However, the state leads the classification in the category of Driving under the influence. Thus, the state suffers from keen interest from the side of police authorities and insurers as well.

№7 – Hawaii

Best Factor for classification: Disobedience: 33rd
Worst Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 4th

The steersmen from Hawaii did not follow previous year’s advice to “slow down and pay attention to their surroundings”. Thus, they moved down one ranking to become the 7th worst state and landed in the top 5 for both driving under the influence (4th) and overrun (5th).

№6 – Arizona

Best Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 47th
Worst Factor for classification: Reckless Driving: 3rd

Arizona went down from the 14 place. Thus, claiming the №7 and №3 places for Disobedience and Reckless Driving, respectively, Arizona entered the Top 10 Worst States list.

Fortunately, Arizona belongs to the best states, where steersmen try not to drive under the influence!

№5 – Louisiana

Best Factor for classification: Overrun: 33rd
Worst Factor for classification: Disobedience: 1st

Louisiana improved its positions. However, it is the worst state in the context of obeying traffic signals, seat belt rules and maintaining an in-date driver’s license.

The state has to hack up in order to stay outside of the next year’s edition of Top 10 States with the Downscale Drivers.

№4 – Texas

Best Factor for classification: Disobedience: 18th
Worst Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 6th

It is something threadbare. Texas has come back to the 4th place, which it held in the classification of the 2013. Actually, the state is in the top 20 for every single category. Therefore, the only piece of advice for Texas is to improve its positions in the classification.

№3 – New Mexico

Best Factor for classification: Disobedience: 16th
Worst Factor for classification: Reckless Driving: 5th

New Mexico has crashed into the top 5 worst states the first time round. Things are looking grim! Formerly, New Mexico just advanced slowly to the top 5.

New Mexico declines by the category of Safe Driving, so its steersmen should care about improving of their ranking in the next top list!

№2 – South Carolina

Best Factor for classification: Disobedience: 36th
Worst Factor for classification: Driving under the influence: 3rd

It is the same threadbare stuff as in the case of Texas! Fortunately, South Carolina tries its best to improve the ranking by 1 spot from the previous edition.

While ranking in the Top 10 for 4 out of the 5 categories, South Carolina steersmen are in the Top 15 Best States to meet requirements of traffic signs, seat belt rules and license compliance.

№1 – Montana

Best Factor for classification: Overrun: 20th
Worst Factor for classification: Collision rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled: 1st

Montana has displaced South Carolina by 12 points to occupy the 1st place, when it comes to worst drivers. The state finished among the top 20 in every category, ranging from the 20th in Overrun to the 1st in Collision rate. Thus, Montana drivers are more dangerous every mile they drive.

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Reckless Driving is the Main Criterion for a State with Downscale Drivers

Reckless driving is the main category, which promoted the states to be included into the ranking. Thus, 12 states from the 15 worst ones, were classified accordingly for Reckless Driving.

However, there is a piece of good news: the lethality rate of pedestrians in traffic crashes became two percent less than before. It is a very positive trend.

What one can do to keep this tendency? Just stop being on the cell phone while driving. By the way, drivers are banned from talking on a hand-held cell phone only in 14 states; and it is forbidden to write SMS in 46 states.

Overrun is the Main “Sin” of the US Divers

Overrun is one more frequently mentioned category for ranking. It refers to the 10 worst states from the list of 20. Moreover, overrun influences about 30% of fatal crashes. It is a significant reason for the further improvement by letting down the speed.

In addition, scorchers do not respect other rules as well: seat belt rules, use of cell phones, drinking before driving.

Turn for the Better Begins with Taking Charge

The mastering of driving behavior is the main factor for the enhancement of your insurance tariffs. (for further information refer to It reduces the possibility of fatalities caused by drivers. It is much better to start with yourself and respect rules, laws and other road users.

Of course, it is rather simple to classify an individual as a good or a bad driver. However, it is much more complicated and useful to understand, that everyone can be guilty of dangerous driving in this or that situation. And reckless driving causes many tragic impacts. Therefore, remember a well- known saying: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, – and be the change you want to see the world!

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