Using Care Entrée With Health Insurance

  • If you have a health insurance plan that does not have a PPO or HMO plan connected to it, you can benefit from the use of the Care Entrée by receiving reduced fees for deductibles ($500, $1000, $2000 or more) and for co-pays (usually 20% or more). Eliminating charges from those doctors who charge higher-than “usual and customary fees” is another area of savings because these higher fees are often refused for payment by insurance companies and rebilled to the patient.
  • Many people have an extremely limited indemnity plan that covers only hospitalization or has a per-diem rate (such as $300 per day when hospitalized). Care Entrée can save them money on all of their doctor bills and ancillary services (lab tests, mammograms, x-rays, etc.), as well as providing significant savings on their out of pocket hospital expenses.
  • Some people have insurance policies that only cover certain diseases such as a cancer policy. Care Entrée can be used to save on all other medical expenses that aren’t covered by this type of policy.
  • Many individuals have insurance policies that have extensive waiting periods for certain coverages or exclude certain conditions that were “pre-existing” as of the date of their policy. Examples include maternity care, care for specific diseases and medications for such conditions. Since Care Entrée has no pre-existing condition exclusions or waiting periods, it can be used to save money when being treated in these situations.
  • Many employers offer health coverage for their employees, but not for their dependents (or offer dependent coverage at a rate that is cost prohibitive). These individuals need Care Entrée to help defray the medical expenses of their dependents.
  • Many insurance plans do not include coverage for chiropractic services, prescription drugs, dental, vision or hearing. Even plans including some of these services often severely limit their use or exclude certain items from coverage (such as contraceptives, weight loss or smoking cessation drugs, orthodontics). Individuals with these items excluded from coverage can still save hundreds of dollars with the use of Care Entrée.
  • If an individual is in a managed care plan and their provider of choice is not in that network, usually they are penalized with significantly higher co-pays for services performed by that provider. If their provider of choice is in our network, Care Entrée can significantly reduce those excess payments.
  • If a patient is in an HMO plan and their primary physician will not give them a referral to a specialist, they can use Care Entrée to obtain those services at a reduced cost.