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Why Medical Professionals Provide Discounts

In this era of managed care, it is common practice for doctors and hospitals to join aPreferred Provider Organization (PPO) to assure themselves of a patient base. ThePPO provides assurance that the medical providers in their networks have met certaincredentialing requirements and that there will be a discount on services from providers inthat particular PPO. Care entree contracts with PPO networks to direct financiallyresponsible business to the doctors, hospitals and other providers in that network. In exchange for steering patients to them, doctors and hospitals give discountswhich have been negotiated with the PPO network. The Care Entree program creates awin-win situation between the medical provider and the patient. While the patientreceives a better rate, the medical provider gets paid promptly (as opposed to waiting 30to 90 days to receive payment from an insurance company), and saves money by not having tofile insurance claims. In addition, the level of care is now completely in the handsof the doctor and the patient, as opposed to being dictated by a third party.

How is a Bill Re-priced or a Discount Taken?

After thoroughly screening and reviewing existing Preferred Provider Networks, wecontract with certain networks for the right to market the managed care discounts to theuninsured and the underinsured people. The networks provide us with their databaseof providers, which we load into our computers and use for the purpose of printingdirectories or locating specific providers or specialties for our members.

We also are provided with the actual fee schedules or discount arragements that existbetween the network and each provider. The fee schedule or discount, along with thedatabase of usual and customary charges, gives us hte ability to almost instantly re-pricebills from any of the thousands of doctors throughout the country.

Absolutely NO Limitations

Please take note that the use of these providers is unlimited and without restrictionas long as you are able to pay the medical bill. Your ID card may be utilized foranything from check-ups to major illness to cosmetic surgery. Care Entree is not aninsurance plan so no benefits will be paid on services, but neither are there any claimforms, waiting periods or maximums.