Car Insurance Costs for 18-Year-Old Males and Females

Parents of teenagers consider that the prices of insurance for teenagers are extremely high. Do you need car insurance for your child? You should know that there is no cheap car insurance for a 16 year old boy. It is connected with the fact that the majority of the accidents occurs due to the fault of young drivers under the age of 25.

That’s why insurance companies make car insurance for 16 year old drivers more expensive. They just care of their profit.

However there are ways to avoid such expenses. You should think about how you can keep your car insurance rates as low as possible ahead of time.

Remember that if you add your teenage son to your insurance your rates become much higher. Besides, the value of the insurance depends on your car value. If your car is expensive the insurance is expensive too. Some families see that their car insurance rates become double or even triple.

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If you want to save your money buy a car for your son or daughter which doesn’t demand high expenses. Of course a new car is more expensive to ensure.

Choose a simple and not so expensive model equipped with airbags, antilock brakes and other safety features. You can choose also an older car with the same characteristics. It is cheaper to insure it. Inexpensive cars equipped with safety features reduce the insurance costs even for teenagers. You can also get discounts in a case in you want to insure more than one car and if the cars of your children have any anti-theft devices.

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Moreover according to insurance companies’ data some vehicles are considered to be more dangerous for teenagers than others. So such vehicles need for expensive insurance. For example SUVs are more prone to overturn because of its weight and size. Too small cars are also dangerous because in a case of an accident there are more possibilities to die in such car. A car of a medium size that has four doors and a smaller engine is the best variant for your teenage son or daughter. You will pay less for insurance and you will be quiet for safety.

In addition some insurance companies propose special discounts for teen drivers who take defensive driving courses. Many high schools offer the driver’s courses that you mustn’t pay for.

Many insurance companies offer special discounts for the drivers, but not every company does it. To make a right choice, compare the proposals from many different insurance companies. If you’re paying a lot for insurance with your current insurance company, another company may be able to work with you to come up with a more manageable rate. Examine all the proposals connected with teen drivers. The companies’ representatives will explain you everything about policies, prices and options. Ask for possible discounts. Remember that some companies offer special discount for students with a good GPA. Make sure that your child maintains at least a “B” average.

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If you think about comprehensive auto insurance for your child ahead of time, you can find car insurance company which has a plenty of experience in helping families with teen drivers get great coverage without breaking the family budget.

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