Health Insurance

Your Investing 101 Glossary

Investing your HSA funds is a great way to create a healthier future. If you aren’t a seasoned investor yet, here are some common terms to get you started.

Your Insurance 101 Glossary

If you want to understand how HSAs work, you need to understand how health insurance works. Here’s how these commonly-used terms relate to health insurance.

Your 7-Step HSA Checklist For 2021

Your HSA deserves an annual check-in. This handy checklist will help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your HSA in 2019.


  What Can You Pay For With Your HSA? You can use your HSA to pay for or reimburse eligible medical expenses for yourself, your… Read More »

Why Cafeteria Plans Matter For HSAs

Employers’ cafeteria plans are the most tax-advantaged way for individuals to contribute to their HSAs. You can save big by participating in one!