Car Insurance FAQ

25 Funniest Car Pranks

Have fun watching this best assembling of car pranks and keep in mind the idea of car insurance, because you are reasonable people unlike main characters.

What is a deductible for car insurance?

When you acquire comprehensive auto insurance, one of the decisions you need to make is the amount of a deductible. The majority of the people always think

When to drop collision insurance?

Collision coverage is the first line of defense against auto accidents. However keeping it is not always practical. Read on to learn when and if you should

Stolen car insurance

You have probably heard the stories on how cars of other people were stolen many times. However, it can occur not only with other people but with you too. And

PLPD Car Insurance Tips

One of the insurance terms that can be confusing is PLPD. This abbreviation is used very often by car owners, sometimes without even knowing what it really is.