Allied Car Insurance review


The initial name of Allied car insurance was Allied Mutual Automobile Association, and it was founded in 1929. The company has few offices in the USA and its head office is situated in Des Moines, Iowa.

Deductible Benefits from Allied

Along with the purchase of car insurance policy from Allied, you will have the opportunity to purchase coverage which will reduce your deductible setting its maximum limit to the amount of $500. In case you choose to sign-up for this coverage, the decrease of the deductible by $100 will follow. Each year of driving safely and with no accidents will reduce the deductible by $100. A waiver for the deductible is provided if the car turns out to be a total loss. In case of a total loss occurring to the car you won’t have to pay the deductible.

Forgiveness of Traffic Violation and Accident from Allied

In some circumstances, even though you had an accident with Allied vehicle insurance policy and it was your fault in the accident, the insurer won’t raise your rate. Such accident forgiveness is valid only if you have not more than one accident during three years. Similar is applicable to traffic violation, and rates won’t be raised in case of only one minor traffic violation during three years.

Roadside Assistance from Allied

Roadside assistance coverage from Allied is available in the form of two levels. The first one basic level includes towing for 15 miles, delivery of fuel, lockout, jump starts, flat tire and some discounts for the members.

The plus package of the second level implies towing for 100 miles, turn-by-turn navigation, interruption coverage of a trip, emergency messages, as well as map routing before a trip.

You can apply roadside assistance coverage for any car of any household member if it insured with Allied.

Claim Reporting from Allied

Customer service of Allied admits claims 24/7. Straight after receiving your claim, the representative of the insurer will address it. If coverage is valid, you can also get the service of towing and a rental with the aid of the insurer.

Allied has eight business hours after the admittance of your claim to get in touch with all parties involved in your case. You will be provided with the possibility to settle your claim right during the first phone call. Besides, Allied representative will inform you on the contact info of the best repair shops.

If you buy both homeowner policy and vehicle insurance policy from Allied, the Allied Extra will be made available to you. It provides some additional benefits, which are the following:

  • If your airbag deploys accidentally, this type of coverage will cover all the expenses on its replacement.
  • If you get locked out of the car or home, the work of a locksmith will be paid from the coverage.
  • If both your home and a car are damaged for the reason of the same occurrence, for example, because of a hurricane, you will have to pay only one deductible for the either claim you choose.
  • If you die in an accident in your own car, $10,000 will be paid.

 Online Quotes for Car Insurance from Allied

If you want to buy a vehicle insurance policy from Allied, you should contact an agent of Allied. If in the future you would like to change your policy via the Internet, you won’t be able to do it. Each time you want to make a change to the policy, you should call the insurer’s representative.

Financial Ratings Company Information
A.M. Best: A+ 1100 Locust St.
S&P Rating: A+ Des Moines, IA 50391
Moody's Rating: A (800) 532-1436
Fitch Rating: A