Allianz Car Insurance review


A multinational company Allianz which works in over 70 countries was founded in Munich, Germany, where its headquarters is located currently.
The first ever flight by Wright Brothers’ was insured by this company. Although buying an Allianz vehicle insurance is available in Fireman’s Fund offices, you won’t be able to purchase it in every state. The underwriting service for this particular insurer is provided by National Surety Corporation.

In which states is Allianz Personal Auto Policy available?

The policy from this insurer is available in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, Ohio, Missouri, Maryland, Kansas, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, and Arizona.

To order this policy, you will have to enter the website of Fireman’s Fund and look for an option of the independent agent there. After finding it, you will have to call this independent agent who will sell you Fireman’s Fund insurance policy.

 Allianz Optional Coverage

Within its insurance policy Allianz provides rental reimbursement coverage of $20 per day while a maximum limit is $600. You can use the rental reimbursement after your car was damaged in an accident. The possibility to increase daily or maximum limits by buying such option is also provided. Such a possibility is very beneficial because with it you can rent an auto that will be comparable to your own.

Insurer provides the other opportunity – to select the amount of medical expenses that will be covered in case of your injury. At the same time, you can also select such an amount not only for yourself but also for the passengers.

Customer Service of Allianz

No online quotes are provided by the insurer. For this reason, the only way to acquire personal auto policy by Allianz is by contacting an agent. However, this will be useful because in such case an agent will work hard aiming to offer you the best possible coverage.

And if you look for an auto insurance policy which can be managed online, you should probably choose other insurer. Each time you would like to make some changes with your policy, you will have to call the Allianz agent in business hours, otherwise he will be unavailable.

However, claims are admitted online 24/7. A toll-free call is also available if you prefer to report your claim by phone.

Repairs Handling

If an accident has occurred and your car is damaged while it is covered by an Allianz auto insurance policy, you can take the car to a repair shop recommended by the insurer. Repairs done in such shops have life guarantee for the entire time you own the car. However, the other option is to choose a repair shop you prefer.

Auto Insurance Quotes of Allianz

Before purchasing vehicle insurance from Allianz, make sure you have checked all the services and rates of other insurance companies.

Financial Ratings Company Information
A.M. Best: A 5701 Golden Hills Dr
S&P Rating: AA Minneapolis, MN 55416
Fitch Rating: AA- (763) 765-6500