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AAA is the company that was initially established in 1902 and currently offers vehicle insurance. The reason for its foundation was the shortage of quality auto roads in the USA.

The company was successful since the date of its foundation because many experienced professionals worked for it. Another scope of AAA activity was printing maps and hotel guides, which they started in 1905 and 1917 respectively. Nowadays, it offers insurance services too.

While being a non-profit-making organization, AAA carried out the assistance in the field of emergency roadside at low prices for many years. If you look for your car insurance and a worthy insurer, then you should know about all the benefits of the AAA company.

AAA vehicle insurance policy period and payment options

Unlike other insurance companies, AAA will offer you a policy for a full year. It is twice longer than a policy offered by competitors. Before making a decision in favor of a particular insurance company, you must compare offered policies and choose the best company for you. By paying for the car insurance in one front payment you’ll save about 5%. AAA vehicle insurance provides the customers with various payment options; hence flexible terms will be available to you.

Additional features of AAA auto insurance

There are some additional features you can benefit from while using AAA car insurance. For example, if you had an accident and your car is being repaired, the insurer will provide you with other rental car for the whole time of repair. Other companies have the fixed term of 30 days after an accident during which they provide a rental car.

The other useful feature is the opportunity to replace your new vehicle. AAA will agree to replace the vehicle if during the first year of coverage total loss occurs to it. Gap coverage and lease/loan limited payoff are also those options available to you. In other words, if you car turns out to be total loss and you ought to pay the larger sum of money than the vehicle’s price, the AAA will value a check to the finance company or bank for the remainder of your loan.

AAA offers pet coverage. If in the accident your pet suffers an injury, the insurer will meet any veterinarian bill up to the sum of $500. The other useful option, accident forgiveness, would be beneficial if you had switched auto insurance and had an accident afterwards. In this case, accident forgiveness will prevent your insurance rate from getting raised.

AAA car insurance discounts

AAA offers you various discounts. The greatest discount will be available if you buy more than one policy.

  • Auto and Life and Home enables to save up to 17.5% on auto policy and 22% on homeowner’s policy
  • Homeowner’s Policy and Auto Policy allows saving up to 12.5%.
  • Condo Policy and Auto Policy provides saving up to 6%.
  • Renters and Auto Policy enables you to save up to 6%.
Financial Ratings Company Information
A.M. Best: A+ 2301 Paxton Church Rd
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Moody’s Rating: Aa3 (717) 657-2244
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